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  • Barex Hairgomine Smooth Styling Gel

    Barex Italiana Hairgomine Smooth Styling Gel

    Both hair gods and goddesses worship this relaxing balm that does it all. It styles, conditions, calms, locks out humidity, gives elasticity and sun protections with no flaking or build-up. Barex Hairgomine Smoothing Styling Gel is a lightweight gel -...

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  • Hush Men's All Day Control Pomade 3.4 oz

    Hush Men's All Day Control Pomade

    Hush Men's All Day Control Pomade An ideal styling product for all. This water soluble cream keeps hair molded all day long, resulting in a long-lasting hold and natural-feeling head of hair. A small amount can be used to add flair. Apply to wet hair...

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  • Hush Men's All Day Control Gel 3.4 oz

    Hush Men's All Day Control Gel 3.4 oz

    Hush Men's All Day Control GelRed Tea and Pomegranate provide a powerful antioxidant combination. Vitamins A, C, and E replenish the youthful appearance of skin and hair. Spearmint, Peppermint, and Eucalyptus extracts soothe and hydrate skin and scalp...

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  • Chihtsai Olive Sculpting Lotion 8.4 oz

    Chihtsai Olive Sculpting Lotion

    Chihtsai Olive Sculpting Lotion An enriched scuplting lotion that leaves your hair smooth, moist, and full-bodied. Features silk proteins to nourish your hair and provide a smoothing protective barrier. Contains cationic conditioners for static and...

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  • Chihtsai Olive Shampoo - 17 oz

    Chihtsai Olive Shampoo Chihtsai Olive Shampoo cleans, smooths and repairs hair. This lightly scented shampoo prevents breakage by strengthening the hair shaft. Directions: Wet hair, lather, rinse thoroughly and repeat.

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  • Chihtsai Olive Conditioner - 17 oz

    Chihtsai Olive Conditioner - 17 oz

    Chihtsai Olive Conditioner This hydrating conditioner locks in moisture and helps maintain smooth cuticles. This special formula, featuring Kiwi extracts, protects color treated hair. Directions: After using Chihtsai Olive Shampoo, lather into hair,...

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  • Chihtsai No.12 Instant Treatment

    Chihtsai No 12 Instant Treatment This excellent daily conditioner is enriched with silk protein and vitamin E. This product features the ability to perform as a detangler, re-moisturizer and repairer due to the unique repairing qualities of the...

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  • Chihtsai Olive Instant Treatment - 5.1 oz

    Chihtsai Olive Instant Treatment Olive Instant Treatment softens your hair while imparting it with shine and bounce. This product contains Olive Oil, D-Panthenol, Rosemary, and Silk Protein. D-Panthenol revitalizes the hair and silk proteins deposits...

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  • Barex Italiana Olioseta Nourishing Mask

    Olioseta Nourishing Mask This rich mask penetrates deeply into your hair, repairing damaged fibers and providing a healthy sheen. This mask provides an intensive treatment to strengthen hair resulting in an elastic, brilliant, hydrated, and...

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