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  • Murad Acne & Wrinkle Reducer

    Murad Acne & Wrinkle Reducer For those who have a need for both an acne treatment as well as an anti aging skin treatment, Murad Acne & Wrinkle Reducer addresses both skin care needs. Kombucha...

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  • Murad Acne Body Wash

    Murad Acne Body Wash Acne Body Wash battles body breakouts with Date Seed Powder to polish away pore-clogging impurities, Green Tea and Licorice Root Extracts protect and soothe inflamed skin and...

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  • Murad Acne Clearing Solution

    Murad Acne Clearing Solution This non-comedogenic treatment clears breakouts while managing acne-related symptoms to help achieve healthy, blemish-free skin. Directions Massage evenly over clean...

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  • Murad Active Radiance Serum

    Murad Active Radiance Serum This clinically proven, environmental aging treatment protects and repairs skin with a remarkable new Vitamin C technology that delivers 50 times the free radical...

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  • Murad Age-Balancing Moisture

    Murad Age-Balancing Moisture

    Moisturizer deeply nourishes dry, hormonally aging skin and protects with powerful broad-spectrum UV sunscreen providing long lasting hydration revealing a healthy, radiant complexion.

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