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DS Labs


DS Labs offers a selection of clinically tested products to treat conditions ranging from hair loss to dandruff. Featured among our selection are the Revita and Spectral lines.

  • DS Labs Revita EPS

    DS Labs Revita EPS

    Revita EPS is a cutting-edge treatment from DS Laboratories that shows through clinical research to grow eyelashes 25 percent longer in just four weeks. Many users also enjoy greater thickness and density. Revita EPS deploys a breakthrough peptide...

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  • DS Labs Spectral DNC-N

    DS Labs Spectral DNC-NUsing Nanoxidil, a compound lighter and more complex in its ability to keep follicles free of DHT (the hormone that causes permanent hair loss), this product achieves noticeable results faster than anything on the market today...

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  • DS Labs Spectral DNC-S

    DS Labs Spectral DNC-SSpectral.DNC-S delivers later-stage hair-recovery effectiveness for both men and women, while maintaining a pleasant texture and a healthy environment for the scalp, unlike formulas with generic minoxidil, which leaves a greasy,...

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  • DS Labs Spectral F7

    DS Laboratories Spectral. F7 is a hair growth enhancer that helps thinning hair. Astressin-B, a peptide used in this formulation penetrates the scalp to produce results and increase overall scalp health. The booster is made for both men and women and...

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