Grether's Redcurrent Sugar Free Pastilles Natural Remedy for Dry Mouth Relief

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Grether's Redcurrent S/F


  • DAILY MOUTH & THROAT ESSENTIALS - Grether’s Pastilles get their delicious fruity taste from the pure and natural juice of sun-ripened fruits. Great sweet to have on hand to relieve strained voices or vocal cords due to dry mouth and hoarseness and offers relief for an irritated throat from cough. Supports good oral hygiene which helps to prevent a number of illnesses and boosts the body’s natural protection. Serious flavor with benefits delivered in a convenient re-usable and versatile tin.
  • MADE WITH PURE FRUIT - Only sun-ripened fruits are used in Grether’s Pastilles. The fruits are only harvested when they have fully developed their intensive aroma and soothing effect. Redcurrants have healing powers with their high vitamin C content, the fruits help strengthen the immune system, especially when suffering from a cold. They have an anti-inflammatory effect, soothe throats and provide relief for hoarseness and vocal cord irritation.
  • PROTECT YOUR VOICE - The glycerine in Grether’s Pastilles is sourced from high-quality vegetable oil has a moisture-retaining and softening effect and stimulates natural saliva production. Soothes the irritated mucous membrane of mouth and throat, noticeably helps alleviate mouth dryness and coats overtaxed vocal cords like a protective film.
  • NATURAL REMEDY - We use high-quality, raw ingredients to create a smooth, chewy consistency. Agar-agar is a gelling agent obtained from red algae found in the depths of the sea. This valuable raw material does not allow for mass production and underscores the exquisite quality of each pastille. Maltitol syrup sweetens without harming teeth. Ingredients carefully combined in a highly complex gelatine production process creating a pure and safe product.
  • TRUSTED FORMULA - Since 1850 the production of pure, natural, raw ingredients has been preserved to this day to make fruity and soothing products that sets itself apart from others thanks to its long tradition, quality and care. Several steps in production are still carried out by hand to this day in Switzerland. Each lozenge is aged for 15 weeks to reach optimum flavor, gummy candy consistency, and nutritional benefits.

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