Joico Daily Care Conditioning Shampoo 10oz

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Joico Daily Care Conditioning Shampoo 10oz

Here’s one of the simplest ways we keep dry hair in check: with a highly-moisturizing cleanser that helps ward off the need for extreme rescue treatments. It’s easy. It’s gentle enough for everyday use. And unlike other hydrating shampoos on the market, this one will never weigh you down.

Perfect choice for: Normal-to-dry hair types will love the nourishing formula that hydrates and conditions.

Here’s how: No rocket science here – just apply, lather, rinse (and repeat if necessary).

The inside secret: We added a more substantial dose of Essential Fatty Acids – as well as our Amino-Acid-stocked Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex – to restore moisture, shine, body, and movement (aka: bounce).