Loreal Tecni Art Hollywood Waves Sweetheart Curls 5.0 oz

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LOreal Tecni Art Hollywood Waves Sweetheart Curls Serum-Spray 1 Force 5 Ounce 150 Milliliters Create the latest hair styles and glamorous red carpet looks with Loreal Professionnel Tecni.Art Hollywood Waves Sweetheart Curls Bi-phase Serum Spray airy curls. Waves and curls look well defined, polished, with a frizz-free finish. Enjoy that natural-bouncy feeling every girl longs for in her curls, while maintaining a soft look and natural touch. Perfect to create soft waves on straight hair, or go all out with big curls. Serum in spray phase, embellishing buckles for fine hair. Shake Sweetheart Curls and apply evenly to damp hair. Comb hair to distribute it better and then dry with a diffuser or hair dryer. For more volume, dry with the diffuser upside down!


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