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OPI X Barbie Nail Lacquer Every Night is Girls Night 0.5 oz

SKU: 32376
$10.35 $11.50

Barbie knows how to party, and so will you with this mesmerizing iridescent glitter nail polish. The multi-dimensional sparkle will light up your nails and make you the life of the party. From weddings to festivals, this shade will add a touch of glamour to any outfit. Besides, the easy-to-apply formula ensures that you’ll be ready to rock and roll in no time.

A must-have for anyone who loves to express themselves through fashion and beauty, the new Barbie collection by OPI features shades in a variety of playful and vibrant colors that are sure to add a pop of fun to your look. Whether you’re looking for a bold and bright pink or a shimmery baby blue, there’s a shade in this collection that’s sure to catch your eye.

OPI’s Barbie collection of shades pays homage to this timeless symbol of femininity and empowerment, presenting an array of nail polishes that encapsulate the spirit and character of the beloved toy.

Each shade in the collection has been carefully curated to evoke the joy and optimism that Barbie embodies. The collection offers a diverse range of hues that cater to every taste and style, from bold statement colors to subtle understated tones.

However, this collection is not just a tribute to the classic doll, but a celebration of all that she stands for. Barbie has always been an inspiration to young girls worldwide, symbolizing fearlessness, fashion, and beauty.

The OPI Barbie collection encapsulates this spirit of empowerment and self-expression by presenting a range of shades that encourage women to embrace their individuality and express themselves through their personal style. Whether you’re a lover of pastels or a trendsetting fashionista who prefers bright colors, there is a shade in the Barbie collection that caters to your unique style.

Loved by salon professionals and nail polish addicts alike, OPI Lacquer nail polish combines high-quality performance and rich color in a long-lasting, chip-resistant formula.

  • Nail Lacquer is OPI's original nail polish formula
  • Up to seven days of wear
  • Fast-drying formula
  1. Properly prep your natural nail to ensure nail lacquer adhesion.
  2. Start by applying one coat of OPI Natural Nail Base Coat.
  3. Shake nail polish shade of choice before application to properly mix pigment (this will help avoid streakiness!).
  4. Apply two thin coats to each nail. Brush some nail polish at the nail's free edge to cap the nail and help prevent chipping.
  5. Lastly, apply OPI Top Coat. Also cap the free edge with Top Coat.
  6. For a manicure that's dry to the touch in minutes, apply 1 drop of Drip Dry Lacquer Drying Drops to each nail.

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