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Schwarzkopf IGORA ColorWorx Direct Dye (Color Concentrate Purple)

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Schwarzkopf IGORA ColorWorx Direct Dye (Color Concentrate Purple)

Back to Basics: Artificial Color Pigments

Developed Pigments

All semi-permanent hair colors contain developed pigments. Demi-permanent colors contain a mix of developed pigments and un-developed color precursors (small-uncolored molecules that penetrate deep into the hair before merging into big color molecules, also known as polymerization).

Note that a permanent color has a high percentage of color precursor for longer retention of color in hair.
Categories: Hair Care, Hair Color

What are the Characteristics of Semi-Permanent Products Containing Direct Dye Pigments?

  • They are ready for use and do not need oxidation or developer lotion
  • The coloring process does not affect the structure of the hair
  • The color fades gradually – no need for retouching unless this is desired
  • The product can be pH-neutral to weak acid and therefore will not damage the hair
  • The natural pigments already present in the hair will influence the final shade

What are the Characteristics of Permanent-Color Products Containing Color Precursors?

  • They need oxidation or developer lotion
  • Development time is needed
  • Before oxidation color precursors are colorless, dissolved salt crystals
  • They use oxygen provided by developer lotion to form yellow, red or blue pigments
  • Polymerization makes them develop into bigger particles inside the cortex of the hair
  • This delivers great durability because the precursors grow into the pigment and settle themselves inside the hair structure
  • These new developed artificial pigments are combined in different quantities making a huge range of potential target colors possible
  • They are not transparent and have the ability to cover natural white hair

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