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Aquage Equalizing Detangler, 12 oz

SKU: 12100
$16.88 $18.75

equalizing detangler details

what it is

  • Ultra-light conditioner that instantly hydrates the hair while retaining natural body

why you should use it

  • Eliminates tangles
  • Restores moisture without weighing hair down 

when to use it

  • Apply to clean damp hair after shampooing

how much to use

  • A nickel-sized amount 

how to use it

  • On clean damp hair, apply liberally to hair and scalp
  • Gently comb through to distribute evenly and until hair is tangle free
  • Rinse with cool water to enhance detangling and conditioning benefits

Categories: Hair Care, Conditioner

UPC: 671570001461