Mavala Skin Vitality Healty Glow Serum 3ml

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Mavala Skin Vitality Healty Glow Serum 3ml


Lack of sleep, stress, pollution, UV or smoking exhaust skin metabolism.

Dead cells accumulate; the complexion loses its radiance and turns greyish. Those imperfections caused by exhaustion give the impression that skin is in poor health, and looks older than it is in reality.

Healthy Glow Day Cream is a powerful antioxidant daily care that protects skin against damage caused by free radicals and other city aggressions leading to premature ageing.

Concentrated in vitalizing Swiss Apricot extract, - high in provitamin A that offers toning and antioxidant properties and in organic acids providing gentle exfoliating properties -, it gives an immediate radiant glow to complexion.