KMS Add Power Shampoo 10.1 Oz

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KMS Add Power Shampoo 10.1 Oz

Transform your hair from dull to strong with the Add Power Shampoo from KMS.

Lacklustre locks will find new power with this innovative formula, as Rice Protein works to thicken hair, while Organic White Tea Extract charges the shampoo with antioxidative power.

Enriched with Lactic and Malic Acid, this formula strives to repair hair from the inside out, strengthening your locks from root to tip.

A favorite amongst those with weak, thin or duller hair types, this shampoo restores moisture to bestow hair with newfound resilience, working to repair the extensive damage caused by heat or dye.

This nourishing blend works to improve hairs natural protein balance, transforming strands from weak and limp to sleek and shiny. Help your hair find its softest form and emerge with a more beautiful crown than ever before.

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