Moujan Cold & Hot Wax Kit 6 Oz

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Cold and Hot Wax 6 oz (170.4 g) All natural and botanical. Water soluble wax with botanical plant extracts. Moujan wax is scientifically formulated from natural products which are safe and cause no irritation. Moujan wax can be used cold or hot. It removes the hair and its bulb quickly and efficiently, leaving the skin beautifully smooth for weeks. Moujan wax spreads smoothly like cream, hot or warm. Hair removal system. Water soluble cold and hot wax with botanical plant extracts. Simple, effective, natural! Moujan Waxing products are made from natural ingredients, contain no unpleasant odors or chemicals. Our products are completely hypo allergenic, and may be used with the highest degree of confidence. Apply a thin layer of wax, place a strip over the wax, and pull off in the opposite direction of hair growth. After waxing or shaving, use Moujan After Wax Lotion for smoother and silkier skin. 6 oz (170.4 g)

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